Hello, my name is Rebecca (Becky) White.
I am a 25 year old ardent walker of the unbeaten path, with an unyielding desire to bring the beauty of nature to my art.  Walking the woods, preferably with a pack of pups, is where I find much of my inspiration. When not behind the computer screen, attempting to recreate or reinterpret a memorable moment in a rather OCD fashion,  I can be found reading (and re-reading) my favorite books. I'm happiest when surrounded by my rather large array of critters or outside trudging through deep Maine snow to clean out horse stalls and warm my hands under the thick mane of a sassy mini horse, Scout.
My passion for design is fueled by the joy in finding solutions that are perfect in their simplicity. Working on a large team at Overstock has taught me to be adaptive to constant innovation while equipping me with the communication and learning skills needed to be an effective designer.
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