I am currently a level 2 UX designer working in the Garmin outdoor department. Unfortunately, much of my work is not yet released. Please check back later to see more. 

Some of my UX work for Garmin includes:

-  App and hardware onboarding experiences.
-  Internet and satellite messaging experience for both apps and hardware.
- Weather forecast design for both apps and hardware.
- In-app device and account management.
- In-app map management as well as course creation and  routing.  
- Satellite SOS UX for app and hardware. 
-  Subscription and device management designs for both basic and pro  users.
 - In-app dog collar tracking.

Some of my UI work for Garmin includes:

- Animation for use in tutorials and loading graphics.
- Graphics used across apps and hardware, including app icons and more creative onboarding graphics.
- Tee-shirt designs

I strive to create user-friendly designs that meet the Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design.

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