Unfortunately, much of my work is not yet released. Please check back later to see more. 
Some of my UX work for Garmin includes:
-  App and hardware onboarding experiences.
-  Internet and satellite messaging experience for both apps and hardware.
- Weather forecast design for both apps and hardware.
- In-app device and account management.
- In-app map management as well as course creation and routing.  
- Satellite SOS UX for app and hardware. 
-  Subscription and device management designs for both primary and pro users.
 - In-app dog collar tracking.
Some of my UI work for Garmin includes:
- Animation for use in tutorials and loading graphics.
- Graphics used across apps and hardware, including app icons and more creative onboarding graphics.
- Tee-shirt designs
I strive to create user-friendly designs that meet the Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design.

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