SEO Content
I was offered the opportunity to work with  Overstock's SEO team as their sole designer in 2016.
The objective was to become a furniture authority and appear in the google answer box for multiple furniture-related questions.
The team needed template pages that could be easily re-skinned and used for multiple subjects.
The "Tips & Ideas" page is an example of a hub page for exploring lifestyle content. Our goal was to appeal to any customer -- whether they were ready to directly shop, or more interested in browsing related inspirational guides. 
All pages were designed for mobile, tablet, and desktop viewing using Sketch/ Adobe XD.

Below are a few examples

​​​​​​​Storyboarding Ads for Time Square Duffytron
With the desire to raise brand awareness I received the opportunity to storyboard ideas for Overstock's Time Square "Are We There Yet" campaign. These storyboards were used when pitching the preliminary ideas to marketing directors and later when creating the actual videos that were shown in NY. 
Social Content
Graphics created for the social media team at for the purpose of driving traffic to the site, engaging and educating customers, and gaining followers on all media platforms.​​​​​​​

Christmas Card
Overstock's 2015 Christmas card.  

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